Gregg Berger's autobiographic audio CD, Think Globally... Act VOCALLY (and Voice Virtue) is completed! First run SOLD OUT at ComiCon International 2009, but watch for future purchasing information to appear on this site! Wheels are also in motion to make it available on iTunes and CD Baby very soon! Thanks as always, for your continued SUPPORT!

In addition to launching and Gregg Berger continues to combine his on camera, stage work, writing, teaching and his Convention personal appearances (most recently in England) with his consistently busy voice over career. In January of 2001, Animation Magazine named Gregg as one of their “Top Voice Actors of the New Generation.”

As an animation voice-over talent, it's been a dog's life for Gregg Berger and that's just the way he likes it. He has been the voice of Odie the dog on Garfield since Odie has had a voice. He also doesn't usually think of himself as a pig, but he sure enjoys playing one on TV. He is the voice of Orson Pig on U.S. Acres in the Garfield and Friends television series... as well as the voice of Cornfed Pig on Comedy Central's Duckman. Gregg Berger is also the voice of Niles Crane's talking cockatiel 'Baby' on Frasier, The Gromble on Nickelodeon's Ahhh!!! Real Monsters! Eeyore in Kingdom Hearts and many of Disney Character Voices' Winnie The Pooh projects, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio on Fox's Spiderman, Agent Kay in Men In Black on the Kids' WB, Bill Licking on Angry Beavers, Bud on Channel Umptee-Three and Vic on Julius and Friends. He has helped save the universe as Grimlock on Transformers and as Spirit on GIJoe and he has careened through the galaxy as A.B. Sitter on Fantastic Max and has even had a blind date with Judy Jetson as Curly Quasar on The Jetsons (in addition to berating his favorite employee as Mr. Pinkley on Cathy). Of course, he also continues to guest star in various and sundry episodes of a great many other current animated series.

Gregg Berger's Interactive Game credits include work for Ensemble Studios, Lucas Arts, Disney Interactive, Dreamworks Interactive, Electronic Arts, Naughty Dog, Sierra, Westwood and others. Game titles include Halo Wars as Cutter, Spiderman Web of Shadows as Kingpin, Wolverine: X Men Origins as Fred Dukes aka The Blob, Final Fantasy X and X-2 as Sir Jecht, Star Wars: Episode One Racer and Star Wars: Phantom Menace, Kingdom Hearts as Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh/Eeyore Interactives, Curse of Monkey Island, Small Soldiers, Baldaur's Gate, Gabriel Knight, Ground Control, Red Alert, Wacky Racers, Tarzan, Ahhh!!! Real Monsters, and more.

His voice can also regularly be found on radio and television commercials, network promos and feature film trailers.

Gregg Berger's on camera feature film roles include in addition to his cameo in Dreamgirls as the Chicago DJ, Porchlight Pictures' Mr. Chips (as the 'mysterious' Mr. Toller), Warner Brothers' Police Academy: Mission To Moscow (as Lt. Yuri Talinsky),Touchstone Pictures' Spaced Invaders (as Steve W. Klembecker), HBO Films' Running Mates, (starring Ed Harris and Diane Keaton), as well as the animated feature films Rover Dangerfield, The Rugrats Movie, Recess: School's Out. and Fly Me To The Moon

Berger's television credits include starring roles in three pilots for CBS, a recurring role in St. Elsewhere and numerous guest starring roles in episodic series, including Becker, The Drew Carey Show, The Amanda Show, Wings , L.A. Law, Quantum Leap, Night Court, Perfect Strangers and Bob.

On stage, Gregg Berger has appeared in both the New York and Los Angeles productions of the controversial Loose Lips, directed by Martin Charnin, the Los Angeles Company of Cloud Nine, the La Jolla Playhouse production of Figaro Gets A Divorce, directed by Robert Woodruff and he was directed by the late John Cassavetes in the world premiere of The Third Day Comes. He was a performing member of the improvisational comedy group The Groundlings and also appeared with the Deaf West Theatre Company in their highly praised signed and spoken production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Gregg also volunteers his time and talents to Los Angeles based Famous Fone Friends, making calls to kids in Pediatric Hospitals all across the country.

Gregg and his family live in a ranch community just outside of Los Angeles where they enjoy their three cats, their rabbit, their bird, their neighbors' horses and the cool afternoon breezes.

What does Gregg Berger enjoy doing most? Simple... “all of it”.

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recent credits include...
Network Promos: The History Channel, PBS
Film Trailers: Halo Wars
Television: Shadow Force (Series Narrator), The NEW Adventures of Garfield, Duckman Seasons 1-4 on DVD (plus commentary), Halo Wars TV Campaign (as Cutter), Coca Cola Scholarship Spot
Animation: 26 NEW episodes of Garfield! (Odie, Squeak, Harry, More)
Interactive: Halo Wars (Cutter) Spiderman Web of Shadows (Kingpin) Wolverine: X Men Origins (Fred Dukes, aka The Blob) Drake's Uncharted Metal Gear Solid (The Pain) Kindom Hearts (Eeyore) Final Fantasy X and X-2 (Sir Jecht)
Internet Animated Series: Julius and Friends (Series Regular)
Narration: Shadow Force, Series Narrator (The History Channel), Waking Sleeping Beauty (Disney)

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